About Us

Hi! We're Aster & Co. Your new family favorite 100% All Natural, Chemical Free bath, body & Home Shop!  We were born in the Midwest, out of Minneapolis, and are so excited to be a part of your home!  Each product is Hand Crafted, Small Batch Made, to make sure you receive the highest quality of ingredients and attention to details that we can provide! We will never sell you a product that has harsh chemicals, fake fragrances or perfumes and will always provide you with high quality essential oil scented products!

My name is Valerie Bruder, and I am the owner of Aster & Co. After my first son was born I really started to look into more natural, clean & chemical free things. I slowly started to take out synthetic fragrances, got rid of toxic ingredients and cleaners as well as products we use on our bodies.  I started adjusting the foods we ate. I slowly started to let essential oils be a big part of our life instead of synthetic things. I then started to look into making my own things. A friend and I began a small company hand making items together. For 4 years  that was a big part of what we were. All natural, chemical free things to help others slowly start to transform their own lifestyles.  In the fall of 2018, we decided to close that chapter in our books, and with that came a dream and desire for something else. Something more. 

  I started to really pray and seek the Lord about what my Next would be. I loved making products and learning how to make them. I loved incorporating natural things into our everyday life style. My husband and 3 boys had adjusted to the same.  So as I prayed for where to go next, I felt led to start my own business. I wasn't sure at what dynamic it would be, but wanted to do something and wanted to it to be wherever God was leading me.  My husband I and started to think, to create, to dream and out of that, Aster & Co. was born.

  In that season of transition it was a time of patience, seeking and of dreaming. Not only were we birthing a new company but we were also pregnant with our fourth child, a little girl. New Life!  The Aster flower is a known flower to hold the enchanting eye of whomever they are given to. They are a story of Love. It is also known as a flower of Patience and Elegance. A flower with simple yet true beauty.  We hope that as you experience these products with us, you learn to love them as much as we do. We hope you see that simple and beautiful things can come in small packages.  We take great pride in everything we make!  Its so rewarding seeing these leave and go into your homes.  We are so very excited and Thankful!! 

Thank you for becoming part of the Aster & Co. Family!


'He has made everything beautiful in its time.' Ecclesiastes 3:11