Cancer Care Package

Cancer Care Package

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If you know someone who is going through, or about to go through chemo, this would be such a loving and thoughtful gift to give them.  

In this gift set we are including things to nourish their skin, help soothe their achy muscles and bring a bit of calm to the chaos and uncertainty they may face from day to day.


Each box will include the following:

(1) No.7 Body Butter- Lavender and Frankincense: both of these essential oils are known for their skin soothing properties and calming effects. They make a nice soft and warm scent to be worn day or night. Our body butter is very hydrating and will help their skin feel nourished and moisturized.

(1) Magnesium Salt Soak- This bath will be so relaxing and soothing. We have mixed Epsom Salt, Magnesium Flakes, Dead Sea Salt, & Pink Himalayan Salt, with Copaiba Essential Oil.  Dump entire bag into a warm bath to sooth achy muscles, and replenish the skin.  

(1) Bath Bomb; We will include a bath bomb, of any scent or available variety. Our bath bombs are full of moisturizing oils and relaxing salts to make this an enjoyable and calming bath.

(2) Lip balms

(1) 8oz. Hand Sanitizer- for those visiting guests or to bring along to appointments

(1) 4oz. Soy Candle- Currently we are including our newest scent, AMBER. A wonderfully warm blend of Rose, Peru Balsam, Cistus, Grapefruit, Clary Sage & Ylang Ylang.