Summer Go To Bundle!

Summer Go To Bundle!

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Your Summer Favorites are ready for the boat, the lake, the picnic, the backyard and everything in between!!

We are now carrying our all natural, deet free bug spray! Safe for children 6mo+

Our Mineral Based, all natural broad spectrum 25+SPF is great for all skin types! Moisturizes your skin while letting your skin get gently kissed by the sun with light protection.

BRAND NEW: SPF Lip-Screen😘 its a 15SPF balm with natural sun protection.

And don't forget our famous HealedUp Balm! Perfect for all skin owies, cuts, burns and bites! Now available in 2oz., 4oz, and 8oz!

Get them individually or in a bundle while supplies last!


Bundle Options:

Bundle 1:  2oz. Bye Bye Bug, 2oz. Hand Sanitizer, SPF Lip Balm, 2oz. Healed Up & 4oz. Sun Butter & 8oz. After Sun Mist.


Bundle 2:  2oz. & 8oz. Bye Bye Bugs, 8oz. After Sun Mist & 4oz. Sun Butter


Bundle 3:  2oz & 8oz. Bye Bye Bugs, SPF Lip Balm, 2oz. Healed Up & 4oz. Sun Butter,  & 8oz. After Sun Mist


Bundle 4:  8oz. Bye Bye Bug, 8oz. After Sun Mist, 4oz. Sun Butter & 4oz. Healed Up